The Suit wasn't green or animated !

Special to See with your Loved One

Deadpool, the amazing super hero! (Even if he thinks otherwise) Come see his amazing movie that's filled with love, crazy villains, and a blind crazy old woman. Although it's an incredible film, it's not made for all ages. So, watch out for your little ones. SPOILER: They might have a few days of nightmares looking at Wade Wilson's mutated face. How did his face turn into a mutated monstrosity? You'll have to watch and see now won't you?


Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 9pm

1200 Lakes Drive

West Covina, CA

Overly priced food? What a horrible creation. Luckily, the premier of this movie is bringing down the prices on the food for a day. Even more tempted to go see this movie aren't you?