Shante' Fitness And Goals

By Shante' Kendall

About Shante'

I love Beyoncé and I love all of her videos and music. Also I love to sing and dance too all my favorite artist. My last to second fact is on my free time I walk around house with my mom when she free time. Also I kind of like too rap sometime and that I love to watch TV and hang out with my family. When I am over my sister house I play with her baby most of the time. Be on my computer on my time when I a bored.

Shante' Fittness Likes

-I love to dance to my Beyoncé

-To do cartwheels when ever I am bored

-Just break down dancing when I am bored

-See if I do real pushups when it come to my mind

-I go up and down stairs to my basement

-Walk to the store

-strength when I get up in the morning

Shante' fitness Goals

-Is to do at least thirty push ups by the end of the year

-To pass one of my fitness grams

-To try a new sport by the end of the year