The Republic

By: Deana Mosley

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Why is it important?

The Republic is imprtant beause it is a story that talkes about the ideas of justice and different forms of government it also talkes about all of the responsibilities for evry person in the society.

How did it contribute to society?

When " The Republic " was written it was very famous so this story was shared with many other ancient cultures which made Greece famous.

6 Facts

- There are 3 social clases, the phiospher Kings, the guardians, and the producers (normal citizens).

- Plato stated the rulers earned the right to rule by making wise dicisions.

- The guardians defended the state and keep it in order.

- The ordinary citizens produce what is needed for the society.

- " The Republic " talkes about the classes, roles, and resopnsibilities for individuals working together for the good of the society.

- Plato wrote " The Republic " so that he could talk about justice and the different forms of government,the responsibilities for the society.