House Of Hades

By: Colton Doyen

The house of hades thoughts and opinions...

My thoughts about this book is its chapters are always keeping me reading on. Also the battling details are amazing and lets hope Percy and Annabeth survive Tartarus. While they survive the other demigods of the prophecy are surviving on the surface trying to save there friends in tartarus by opening the doors of death on the mortal side and the other two in tarturus open them on the other side to get out

Some important events...

As you read, Percy and Annabeth are in Tartarus and the others are up on the surface. well do you know what they are doing? I will tell you some of the major events (in order). Hazel ,one of the 7, crosses roads with a Goddess named Hecate. She tells hazel and her friends' future if she decides a certain path. I will let you find out what happens. Next is Leo gets shot to the sky by another goddess and crash lands on a island named Ogygia and gets a very unfriendly greeting by ANOTHER goddess and has to find a way back to his friends but this island is magical you can never escape! Also last but not least back to Percy and Annabeth. They made two enemy friends a friendly titan who Percy named Bob and a giant named Damsen. they both sacrifice their lives for Percy and Annabeth's escape in the doors of death back to the mortal world to stop gaea once and for all!


The setting occurs in many places but I will tell the most common places. Rome, Argo II the war ship Leo created, Tartarus and.... well thats all the places that are most common that I know of. The time occurring is in the summer preventing gaea from waking and destroying everything.

Main Conflict

I would say there are more than one conflict but the one that really pops out to this series is preventing the earth mother, gaea, from waking on August 1st and destroying everything in the world. This is mostly external because the seven demigods have to battle gaea's forces to save the world.

Rising action

Some events of rising action is when the demigods have these crazy dreams about the world ending or anything bad that could happen. Also when Percy and Annabeth are falling possibly to their deaths.


I'd say the climax is when the two are in tartarus, Annabeth and Percy are battling at the heart of tartarus and are trying to escape back to the mortal world.


The author really expresses the characters' feelings or who they are like for example: Percy would die trying to save his friend Annabeth he cares so much.


One example of dialogue is when Leo meets calypso and she hates him at first but starts to warm up to him.


The theme was hard to find out. I figured the theme would be trust, friends, teamwork, all these things are included.

Figurative language

One example I thought was excellent: "my heart felt like it jumped off the cliff" you could easily tell he was surprised/terrified.