Surviving in Canada

By:Zachary Johnson

Things you should bring (Just in case)

Just case you get lost in the wild here is a few things you should have on you

  1. A full water bottle
  2. A Lighter
  3. The proper gear such as a knife These are just a few things.
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How to build a fire

This is where a lighter may be helpful but that is just in case but, if you don't have it then here is a very good skill.

  1. Build a tinder nest of dry plant materials.
  2. Find a piece of wood as the base of your hand drill.
  3. Cut a small hole into the bark
  4. Place small piece of bark around the hole
  5. Take small stick a put it in a small hole.
  6. Spin the stick between your hands and soon a spark fill apper and become a fire
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How to tell if a snake is posinous

  1. It will have a pointy shaped head
  2. It may have bright colors

5 things you can eat in the Canadian wilderness

  • Blueberry
  • Hazelnut
  • Hickory
  • Wild Rice
  • Elderberry

How to build shelter

Before you start you need to find a suitable place. Now as you begin find large sticks and something to hold them together the stick should be somewhat sturdy. Then pile small twigs and branches on top of the sticks.

How to signal for help

If you have the survival knife you can use it to signal an airplane that may be fly in the air.

Ways to find water

Look for a river or stream of some kind.

How to survive through a snake bite

If the snake is venomous you really have to suck the venom out of the snake bite but, DO NOT SWALLOW!!!!