#TeachWriting Chat 5/5/15

Student Choice and Peer Commenting

Join the Conversation Tuesday Night at 9pm ET/8pm CT!

Chat Questions

Student Choice:

  • How do you provide choice for student writers?

  • What are the most important times in the writing process to provide choice?

  • When you have a specific objective that limits student choice (ie particular genre), how do you work to keep other choices open?

Peer Commenting:

  • How, when, and in what ways do you facilitate peer commenting on student writing?

  • As you consider peer commenting, what do you think is most important for students to focus on with one another?

  • How do you model & teach effective commenting for students?

  • What are the benefits and cautions for having students comment on each other’s writing?


Brad Wilson

An educator since 2007, Brad believes learning should be interesting, engaging and fun. He supports educators in Jackson County, Michigan and also enjoys contributing to the #michED movement. His latest project is Write About, a digital writing platform for classrooms.

Troy Hicks

Dr. Troy Hicks is an associate professor of English at Central Michigan University and focuses his work on the teaching of writing, literacy and technology, and teacher education and professional development. A former middle school teacher, he collaborates with K–12 colleagues and explores how they implement newer literacies in their classrooms.