Board Briefing

Cambrian School District, August 6, 2020


The Cambrian School District Board of Trustees passed a resolution to hold a Bond Measure in the upcoming November 3, 2020 election. The Bond would raise $88 million for improvement of technology and facilities within the District.

Mr. Matt Kolker from Government Finance Strategies, Inc presented information to the Board for consideration, such as a June 2020 survey that found approximately 60% support for a $86 million bond measure with projected annual tax rate of 3¢/$100 of assessed value. In order for the Bond measure to pass, a 55% voter support is required on election day.

To view the potential Bond Measure presentation, please click here.

To view the Bond Resolution, please click here.


Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Linh Nguyen presented the Cambrian School District’s Distance Learning Plan for re-opening of the 2020-21 school year. Mr. Nguyen outlined the Distance Learning requirements this school year as set by Assembly Bill 98. This update includes information regarding the number of instructional minutes required. The plan includes grading, assessment, attendance, and reporting expectations.

Mr. Nguyen reviewed the new choice for families with respect to the Virtual School Program. This choice provides parents with an option to have their child(ren) attend school virtually for 3/4ths or the full school year, regardless if the pandemic situation improves or not.

To view the presentation for the CSD Distance Based Learning Plan for re-opening of the 2020-21 school year, please click here.


Chief Financial Officer Penny Timboe provided a brief 45-day budget revision as per Ed Code 42127H. This provision specifies that no later than 45 days after the Governor signs the state budget, Districts shall communicate the impact of the approved State Budget on the District’s budget.

In her presentation, Ms. Timboe explained the key changes implemented with the adopted State Budget Act. The items with material impact on Cambrian’s budget are the “hold-harmless” provision for funding the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) on 2019-20 average daily attendance (ADA), an unfunded statutory Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) (2.31%) and additional allocations of one-time dollars to be used for learning loss mitigation suffered during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The “hold-harmless” provision alleviates the potential impact of projected declining enrollment. This results in an increase of approximately $2.9M to Cambrian’s budget. In addition, Cambrian will be receiving approximately $1.8M in Learning Loss Mitigation Funds (LLMF). These funds are to be used for increasing student instructional time, additional core academic supports for students in need and other integrated supports for students and staff such as, professional development, technology, mental health services and student nutrition and most must be fully expended by December 30, 2020.

Although the final state budget has a significant positive impact on Cambrian’s financial outlook, we will continue our focus on moving the District to a balanced budget and long-term fiscal health and stability while ensuring the best possible educational opportunities for our students.

To view the 45 Day Revision format, please click here.

To view the COVID-19 Resources outlined by Ms. Timboe, please click here.

To view CSD’s 45-Day Revision presentation, please click here.

RESOLUTION 20-21-03 - Reduced Classified Staff Hours

The Governing Board of Trustees voted and approved Resolution 20-21-03 to reduce classified staff hours. The Cambrian School District determined that it is necessary and in the best interest of the District to reduce classified staff hours, due to lack of work or funds. Specifically, the Board approved a reduction of hours of one administrative assistant position for Student Services’, from 8 hours per day to 4 hours.

To view the resolution to reduce this staff member’s hours, please click here.


Mrs. Christina Bingham, Coordinator of Extend Care Program, presented an overview of the Extended Care Program, cost comparison with other districts, and contributing factors of COVID-19. She reviewed the various discounts available as well as additional discount possibilities for families in need.

The program will open Wednesday, August 19th, and be operational Monday-Friday from 3:00 PM-6:00 PM. In accordance with the Santa Clara County Health Department’s Mandatory Directive for Programs Serving Children or Youth, our first priority is to open extended care to essential worker families. Our next priority is to provide care for all non-essential worker families. Given the requirements for childcare the program will have small groups of 12 students to one adult. Students must stay in the same cohort.

Cambrian will offer 4 week sessions in order to ensure stable cohorts and provide flexibility given the current times. Drop in day will not be available due cohort interruption. Cambrian School District is adapting the program to meet the requirements, while supporting our students and families the best way possible during these challenging times. Cambrian School District will not increase tuition fees due to COVID-19 despite COVID-19 Directives and Protocols’ increasing costs to operate the extended care program.

Mrs. Bingham’s presentation may be seen by clicking here.


The Cambrian School District Governing Board reviewed and discussed policy 4040: Employee Use of Technology Policy and Procedure (Revision). The Board provided input at this first reading and it will be brought back on August 20, 2020 for a second reading.

To view the draft of the proposed procedure 4040, please click here.

To view the draft of the proposed policy 4040, please click here.


The next Board of Trustees meeting will be held online on Thursday, August 20th at 7:00 p.m. Login information will be provided several days prior to the meeting.