Sixth Grade Science Class

By Matias Myers


There are going to be six workstations. Four workstations will hold four students the other two will hold five students. The workstations will be located in the middle of the classroom. Each workstations will hold a sink, chairs, microscopes, a lamp, pencils, papers, pens, and paper


There will be posters on the walls of our sixth grade science class room. Also there will be the smart board on one of the walls and the chalk board will on another wall. There is going to be pictures of lab related themes and finally there will be cork board with all the displays attached to it

The Size of the Room

20ft x 30 ft room should be a good amount of space for students and the work stations, the equipment room, the smart board, the lab demonstration area, and last of all the teachers area and they will all fit perfectly in the room.