August & September Non-Apparel

Look at these stats! Stats for MILES!

Quality Control

Due to the high volume of shoes we receive, especially in these past couple months, these styles are always in the lead for quality-related vendor problems. The three examples represent the worst issues seen in August and September.
Also included are examples of the some of the most severe problems from Home & Decor, Accessories, and Bags.

It should also be noted that two of the issues represented were issues with...mold! Situations like this is not only hazardous, but is also something we automatically return without replacements.

We also had quite a bit of trouble from the vendor Darling this month when they sent 9 styles (PO 23785) missing country of origin--three of which were Coming Soon products. Let's continue to work on preventing such critical compliance issues from entering the FC!

Vendor Problems

So. VP.
Naturally, we are seeing a pretty significant spike due to holiday product. I broke it down for yinz below. Some exciting news; thanks to Oracle, I can now give you even MORE detailed information. For example, we are now able to separate bags, jewelry, and accessories. And I can tell you which vendors are the worst according to the number of VP's they had per month. Hooray!



Lately, we've been having a TON of issues with compliance. This week alone, two huge orders have come in; one without country of origin tags and one with MSRP tags.

Issues like that gunk up the receiving line, which in turn delays products from getting launched.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I really need the buyers' help when it comes to enforcing the Vendor Manual. A signed VM is the most powerful weapon in the VP arsenal. It makes our job much easier when it comes to issues like comp, care, COO, MSRP, packaging, etc.

If your vendors haven't signed our manual, please email it to them as soon as you can.

Thanks! (• ε •)

Customer Feedback!

Thanks for another great month of purchases for our amazing customers enjoy! Customers are loving all of the fall items that are starting to slowly hit the site. Meanwhile, there has still been a ton of feedback circulating about wider widths of shoes and more shoes available in the 5 and 11/12 range.

As for the bedding that has recently been added, we have had a TON of awesome feedback from customers, excluding the few customers who did not like having to buy the separate pillow shams for some of the duvet covers, the Yours, Mine, and Noir's Duver Cover sets in particular. But it does look like we are dressing up a ton of college dorm rooms!

Check out some of the bedding feedback below!


Pattern In for the Night Quilt Set:


The colors are just as bright as in the picture, but the quilt its self isn't as soft as I was thinking it would be, it is a rough fabric. I still love this item and I will be keeping it. Also just thought I would mention that it only comes with one pillow case, but I knew this buying it.


Makes my dorm room the best in the hall! Already had 5 people ask where I got it. It's more orange than red, but all the colors are super bright. Warm, yet breathes. Couldn't have picked a better option to make me comfy in college!

Snooze Anchor Duvet Cover:


Just received my duvet cover in the mail today (a lot sooner than I expected I might add)! I love it! It was practically exactly what I expected. My only qualm is that the red dye from the anchors bled along the seams on one side and considering how much the duvet cover cost I feel like that is something that should not have happened. Regardless I am pleased overall. I didn't even realize that it has two patterns haha! I only saw the image with the very large anchors when i purchased it. Perhaps it is because I do all my browsing/shopping via the mobile app, and for some reason all the images don't necessarily load correctly when I try to view items, so I didn't see an image of the smaller anchor pattern on the opposite side. I am not complaining though! Super cute :) Definitely pleased with this item but feel the price could be a little more reasonable for the quality of the product I received.


I'm totally in love with this!!! Great quality :)

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