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First Presbyterian Church Youth Newsletter

August 2022 Youth Newsletter

Fall Music Program

Any youth who play band instruments and are interested in participating in the FPC fall music program, please contact Karen Cole at or 724-244-1672.

Summer Blast Pool Party

WHEN: Saturday, August 13, 2:00 - 4:00

WHERE: Dining Room

Pool Party at the Slater's: 1022 Quincy Drive, Greensburg

Please RSVP by calling the church office, emailing, texting 724-217-3448, or using the band app.

Church Picnic

Please join us on Sunday, August 21, immediately following Sunday Service for a picnic at Mt. Odin Park.

Sundae Bar Shopping and Lunch

WHEN: Saturday, August 27, 11:00 AM - 12:30

If interested in having lunch and shopping for the Sundae Bar with us, please text 724-217-3448 or email for details.

Youth Group Sponsored Sundae Bar

WHEN: Sunday, August 28, 11:00

WHERE: FPC Kitchen/Dining Hall


Youth will meet at 9:15 in the kitchen to set up before going to church. After service, we'll return to the kitchen to serve our guests.

If interested in helping prepare and serve, please RSVP by calling the church office, emailing, texting 724-217-3448, or using the band app.

Games with Rick Returning in September!

WHEN: Sunday, September 18, 11am - 4pm

WHERE: FPC Youth Room


The group will be starting a new D&D campaign! The kids play characters and interact with the Eberon game world guided by Rick. The kids work together to solve problems and overcome obstacles in a fantasy world setting that blends magic and machine. They've defeated pirates, saved a town by rescuing a dragon, and become movie stars. If cooperative storytelling sounds like fun to you, then this may be your scene.

Sign Up For BAND

Sign Up for BAND - Our new group communication app, with features like a Shared Calendar, Photo Albums, Community Board, Polls, To-Do Lists, Private Chat & much more!

Scan the QR code on the left to access the Youth Group or use the link to join:

You can also contact Jennifer ( to request membership.

Youth Group Volunteers Needed - Lector

If you are a member of the youth group and would be willing to assist in Sunday morning by being a lector, please let Martin know ( We would love to hear your voice in worship!