The Aztecs

Visit the Aztecs village

The Aztecs location

The Aztecs lived in a small village in Mexico, They lived in a small village that was in a valley but they liked and the thought it was enough space for them to live there.

The Aztecs

The Aztecs love the place were they live very much.

The Aztecs goverment

The highest people in government were the Generalsy, Chiefs, Judges, Emperors, and Gods. The Emperor or king lived in an incredible palace with his family and advisers.

The Aztecs religon

The Aztecs worshipped many gods and goddesses, Religon was Extreamly important in the Aztecs life. The Aztecs culture was heavily on farming

The Aztecs Economy

A large number of the Aztec city were farmers.100,000 to 300,000 were farmers.

The Aztecs Technology/Contributions

fine jewelry, farming nets

pottery ,blowguns, spears

Arts ,bows

textiles, arrows

great cites, harpoons

declines of the Aztecs civilization

Sacrifices had a very big impact of the Aztec Civilization thousands of people were killed in order to please god. Small pox spread And 25% of the Aztecs population lost to diseases.

sites and ruins to see in the Aztecs civilization

pyramids tall pyramids

Temples palaces