By Maddie Ewald

Trauma Surgeon

Trauma surgery encompasses treatment of the most severe, life-threatening, penetrating and blunt force injuries. A career as a trauma surgeon involves operating on critical, and often multiple injuries to different organ systems. Some of the commonly operated on organs include

Education/Degree Requirements

Doctorate Degree

Medical Degree

Bachelor's Degree

A Trauma Surgeon can expect school and clinical training to take a minimum

Virginia colleges or universities offering a program in this field

One of the major schools that I found was Johns Hopkins University. This school is in Baltimore, Maryland.

Experience needed

- one year of internship

- 5 years of residency

- on 5th year of residency you have to take and pass your boards

- Once you pass your boards, you become a fellow

- After you are a fellow for a year you become an attending

- Once you are an attending you are officially a segeon

Salary per year



70 hours a week
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