Road Trip in the USA


How will we get to the USA? BY JUMPING!

We are going to teleport to USA. It is free of charge. We just think about a place to teleport. But we have to be extra careful not to be caught by others.
Jumper Official Movie Trailer

What will we drive on our road trip?

We would rather walk. We like walking for change like be some normal. If we have to be hurry, We can teleport. :]

What music will we listen to on our road trip?

Our first song is Britney Spears ’s "Everytime".Our favorite lyric: "Everytime I try to fly.I fall without my wings.I feel so small.".
Britney Spears - Everytime
Our second song is Jason Walker ’s "Down".Our favorite lyric is : "I shot for the sky. I am stuck on the ground.".
"Down" Jason Walker