Arturo Chavez

Responsibilities in feudal system

Peasants grew the crops and tended the livestock. They generally rented strips of land from th elrod of the manor, and paid rent in in the form of labour on the lord's own farm. Peasants made money by selling their surplus produce. In time, this labour rent was replaced by cash rent, which was more convenient for both lord and peasant. some peasants worked as paid labor on the lord's demesne, or sometimes poor peasants with little or no land of their own worked for wealthier peasants as servants or laborers.

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Many restrictions ...few freedoms. You were basically owned by the wealthy landowner or overlord that had the local castle. You and your family worked for him your whole life. You were illiterate unless you were lucky enough to join the clergy. You might go your whole life without the benefit of a complete meal or a good bath.
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Daily life

Peasants would wake up super early, eat breakfast and then head to the fields to start work. They planets seeds and did a lot of other jobs on the filed. They basically worked all day. During the day peasants made their own tools for work. Women peasants would eat after their husband got home very late.

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