Internet Safety

Better to be safe,then sorry


The knowledge and wisdom to be safe and smart online and to be cautious of the computer such as not letting out an personal info about you,internet safety is also not talking to anybody that you don't know and that may try to harm you.So that shows you that the internet can be to help you be smart online i have a few helpful tips for you


My you

1. Don't talk to people you don't know or haven't met before in person.

2. Don't tell people where you live,go to school,or where you hang out or work.

3. Don't post pictures of you your family,or your friends

4.Just a Thought:Even though someone is posing as a boy, they could be a girl,or vice versa

5.Your screen name should not have in it when you were born,or any part of your full name,it should also not indicate if you are a boy or a girl.

6.Always keep your password to yourself,if a person finds it out they could easily go make your account totally different then what it was