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Released Items Repository

If you are a math and/or ELA teacher and have not worked through these questions with your students, now is the time to do so, please. You may project them in your room for students to work through or have them practice in a computer lab. The direct link should be on every staff and student device in every building.

The Office of Assessment releases 10 items per grade and content area each year from state assessments. Released Items are provided in AIR’s sample test delivery system and can be used as sample assessments to familiarize students with test content and format.

Please take a moment to click on the link below to experience the AIR platform and share with your students. (This is NOT the same as the practice test students will take in the spring. This is an additional practice that can be utilized in class, shared publicly, etc.)

The link can be found at this website under "Released Items Repository":

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English/Language Arts Constructed-Response Resource

Watch this video to learn more about English/Language Arts (ELA) constructed-response items and scoring for ILEARN.

Will student responses to open-ended items be scored for spelling and grammar?

Spelling and grammar will contribute to students’ scores for responses to the extended writing item only (ELA Performance Task [PT]). While the ELA PT writing item includes a spell check tool, each student must make choices regarding the correct spellings of words when finalizing his or her draft response.

Spelling and grammar will not contribute to students’ scores for responses to open-ended items in all other content area tests so long as student responses are legible and the meaning is not impacted by errors.

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Indiana Educators Needed to Score ILEARN Assessment Items

IDOE encourages current Indiana educators to apply through March 15 to score open-ended items appearing on ILEARN assessments. Compensation for current Indiana educators is now $16.00/hour for this opportunity. Interested educators should complete this application after carefully reviewing the entire job posting. Please share this updated flyer with educators and contact AIR with any questions.

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Teachers, referred to as Test Administrators (TA) will have more responsibility than ever before on ILEARN and I AM testing. Read below for some FAQs on important things you'll want to know as a TA.

Are CTCs/STCs required to place students in a session before testing?

No, CTCs/STCs do not place students in test sessions. The Test Administrator (TA) creates a test session and approves students participating in the session immediately prior to administering the test segment.

Can a student pause the test segment, leave the session, and resume testing in a different room with a different Test Administrator (TA)?

Yes. Once the student pauses his or her test, he or she could exit the room and resume testing in a different room with a different TA and Session ID.

Is a Test Administrator (TA) limited to administering test segments only to students in his or her classroom?

No. A TA may administer test segments to any student within his or her school.

May a Test Administrator (TA) administer ILEARN assessments to students in multiple grade levels at the same time?

The system and manual guidance does not preclude this scenario from occurring. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) advises caution when this scenario is completed outside of make-up assessments to ensure students are given opportunities to engage with sample items and seek clarification on directions for the defined content area. Note: Mathematics sessions in Grades 6-8 require calculator segments with different directions than ELA, Science, or Social Studies.