A City on a Hill: An Autobiography

By John Winthrop

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this autobiography by John Winthrop. Learning about his ideas definitely made me realize why Massachusetts was so successful. -William Bradford
This book gives an insight to what John Wintrop's goals were with his "city upon a hill" sermon. He wanted to have God and everyone be one. I enjoyed his autobiography and learning about his life! - Roger Williams
John Wintrop and I have had conflicts in the past. He was unhappy when a woman, myself, gained control of his church. Despite that, this book is a great read and gave me a bit of understanding to John Winthrop's ideas. - Anne Hutchinson
John Wintrop is a very good friend of mine. We were both advocates for the puritans, and I am very for everything he does! Learning about his early life and concepts was definitely worth my time, as it will be yours. - Thomas Hooker