The Land of Stories

By Chris Colfer

Abuot the book

Alex and Connor wanted the Wishing Spell so they could get out of The Land Of Stories. The Evil Queen(from Snow White) wanted to free her love form the mirior with the Wishing spell . The Evil Queen ordered a huntsman/ girl to go find the items. She uses the wishing spell and it worked F.Y.I. It could only be used once. But Cindrealla has a party to celbrate the birth of the new baby prinses. The Fairy God Mother wants to talk to Alex and Connor. It turns out she was their grandmother so she took them home

The Setting

The Land of Stories consists these kingdom The Elf Empire, The Dwarf Forests,The Corner Kingdom, The Charming Kingdom , The Red Riding Hood Kingdom , The Northern Kingdom,The Troll and Goblin Territory, A Hidden Place,The Sleeping Kingdom, The Fairy Kingdom, and last Mermaid Bay.


Yes, I think you should read this because It is full of action ,love,hopelessness,and adventure.