Summer 2018



Hopefully you have enjoyed time off, went on a vacation, read a good book - or just simply not worked too much.

I wanted to send this newsletter to update you on some really important items to all teachers.

This fall all teachers at MVCSD will vote to recertify that MVEA can bargain for teaching staff at our district. This is one of the changes that happened with the change in Chapter 20.

Last spring Brandi and I met with our ISEA Director Jane Elerding. Some of the notes I took were the following:

  • The vote will be in mid October. Voting will take place over a two week window.
  • All certified teachers are the voters, even those that aren't MVEA members.
  • Someone who doesn't vote - is a no vote.
  • We won't know who has voted, so we are encouraged to have voting "parties" at school so you can see who has taken the time to vote. We still don't know what their vote is - but not voting is a NO vote.
  • If the vote doesn't pass - the master contract and all the language would be void the next day. You would still have a contract with the school - which includes your pay but that is the only language on the contract you sign. (leave, evaluation, insurance - who knows what would happen)
  • No "group" can bargain for the teachers for two years if the vote fails.
Recertification votes went very well last year. (you can click on the above title to see all of the unions - school, county, city... results)

This is a process that will take everyone's help... Please talk to people on your team as school starts about what recertification is - giving MVEA permission to negotiate for teachers. This vote will have to take place EVERY year we have to negotiate for a contract.

We will take this vote very seriously and will need people in each building to help get everyone to vote.

In starting this - there is a training that is happening in Cedar Rapids on August 13 from 12:00 - 3:00. If there is a volunteer from each building that would join us... that would be great. Email me if this works with your schedule.

Enjoy your final month... Thanks for taking the time to read.

Suzette Kragenbrink

MVEA President