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The Real Price of Food

"We want to pay the cheapest price for our food, we don't understand that it comes at a price." I agree with that. I agree because when we are sitting down at the dinner table,

eating dinner, we don't think about where are food comes from and how it got on our plate.

Before the Pure Food and Drug Act, the working conditions in factories were very unsafe and bad. People got hurt and some died because the machines were not safe. A lot of people got sick because the factories were so unclean and they didn't check the meat/animals for diseases.

Dear Future Citizens...

Dear Future Citizens...

I'm Alice Paul and I am writing to all the future women and citizens. To tell you about myself, I was part of the NAWSA. I was trying to get a constitutional amendment giving the women the right to vote. By doing this, some of my actions were taken as illegal by the courts, and I got sent to jail several times for disorderly conduct and disturbing traffic. My third time being sent to jail, I went on a hunger strike. I was force fed three times a day, for three weeks. The conditions were very harsh. The jail had dreadful facilities, infested food, poor sanitation, etc. But it was all worth it because I wanted the right to vote and I wasn't giving up.

To all the citizens who want something changed, fight for my change, I protested and got people with the same beliefs together. We all have to fight for what we want changed together. You have to be willing to give up things. I gave up eating and I starved myself. Don't be afraid to go against people who have higher say in things than you do. I went against the president. Have courage in what you want, I got punished and tortured but I was fine with that because I really wanted it, and lastly, never give up. If its that important to you, try your hardest and make a change.

Remember, "There will never be a new world order until women are part of it."


Alice Paul

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The Traction Monster

The monsters head is a representative of the central trust of the Standard Oil Company, composed by a board of trusts that is headed by Rockefeller. The tentacles represent how the trust controlled every aspect of every branch of the Standard Oil Company. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company took over companies throughout the city. The Standard Oil Company became a monopoly because the price of his oil was so cheap, and he bought companies so he would have no competition.

A Tragic Explosion!

Today, February 15, 1898, the U.S.S. battleship Maine blew up in Havana Harbor!!! The explosion killed 260 crew members! The battleship is totally destroyed. The explosion shook the whole city! Even some trees fell to the ground!

No one yet has established exactly what caused the explosion or who was responsible. Americans blame Spain for the outrage. The relationship between Spain and the United States became so strained, they can no longer discuss the situation. Earlier we had an interview with one of the survivors, and here is our interview:

Shelby- James, how unexpected was the explosion?

James- It was out of no where, I was getting a cup of tea and then boom!!!!

Shelby- What were the conditions like?

James- Well it was very hot, and you couldn't see a thing. It was so dusty, I had to keep my eyes closed.

Shelby- How did you feel?

James- Well my ears were ringing, I was pouring down sweat, my body hurt because there was so much tensity that my body flew in the air.

Shelby- Well I am glad you are okay, and I hope you recover well.

James: Thank you

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We are saving you, you save food.

This political cartoon is saying that the army is saving us, and we should try to help them by saving/cutting down on what we eat, so they have food to eat during the war. It is also saying that if the soldiers are well fed then they will do better in war.

Treaty of Versailles

Two specific elements of the Treaty of Versailles would be military changes and the establishment of The League of Nations. Some military changes were that the German were limited with an army of 100,000 men, with no tanks or heavy artillery. Another change would be that the German Navy was limited to 15,000 men. Another element would be the establishment of The League of Nation . It did initially permit Germany to join the League. I think these elements are unfair because I think Germany should be able to have as big as an army as they want, and they should be able to have the weapons they want to fight with. I think the League of Nations is unfair because Germany is a nation so it should be able to join also.

Introducing Mickey Mouse!

Walt Disney created another show called Mickey Mouse! Come see the first sound cartoon with music and sound affects at the Colony Theater in New York! The film the seven minutes long. The film is about a lovable mouse on a steam boat, as a captain. With all the sounds and music, it is a delightful movie to bring your kids to.

1890s-1920s Classifieds

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Babe Ruth's First Home Run!

Babe Ruth played his first professional game on March 7, 1914. As a confident rookie, who had just signed with the Baltimore Orioles, he sent the ball a soaring 350 feet, hitting his first home run as a professional baseball player. In 1951, the city memorialized his home run by installing a North Carolina Historic State Marker on Gillespie Street.