Hi-lites week of January 27, 2020

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Parent/Guardian Survey - Please participate

Good morning,

Happy Catholic School's Week!

We would love to get feedback from parents and guardians on how we are doing as a school. Please fill out the survey here:


The survey will close on Monday, Feburary 3rd.

Thank you in advance for your help!

The Journeys of St. Paul

The 7th graders created blogs about one of St. Paul's missionary journeys using Adobe Spark Pages. You will enjoy their work. Check it out.



Keyboarding Practice

Highland Catholic School recognizes the value of students developing keyboarding skills. They are introduced as early as first grade. We just don't have enough time during the school day to allow for adequate practicing. Currently we are offering time during an inside recess, once a week for 7th and 8th graders.

We would encourage you to set up a practice schedule at home. HiC has purchased a membership for all students 4th through 8th grade.

Students can go to:


and click Sign in with Google (use your school google account to sign in)

(A quick rule of thumb - Grade level target for words per minute are approximately the number of the grade x 5. So, first graders would target 5 words per minute and 8th graders should hit 40 or beyond.

Highland Catholic School - Spelling Bee Wednesday at 8:20 a.m.

Parents and Guardians are welcome to join us for the competition in the Cafeteria. Classmates will join the audience following first period.

We miss all of the finalists the best of luck. Break a leg!

Thanks to Mrs. Kelly Maynard for organizing this event.5th-graders

Mrs. Donahue's Homeroom: Joey M, Sam D

Ms. Boyle's Homeroom: Adele P, Colin D, Adam H, Isaac M


Mr. Welle's Class: Sofie G, Kathleen L, Billy C, Griffin

Ms. Svoboda's Cass: Kirra A, Genevieve A, Sonja P


Mrs. Hickel's Class: Sam P, Sofie N, Jake H, Avery K, Mae S

Mrs. Fitzgerald's Class: Aidan L, Henry H, Alex G, Luke P, Danny


Mrs. Skold's Class: Lucy, Carter, Landon, Jack S

Mr. Backe's Class: Calla, Ava, Noel, Ben L, Brigid T, Anna J, Tommy M, Marco C

You Can Help Shape Minnesota’s Future: The 2020 Census

The 2020 Census invitation will be arriving at your mailbox by mid- to late-March.

Completing the census survey is crucial:

· It ensures equal representation by counting all households

· Census data impact our daily lives, informing important decisions about funding for services and infrastructure in our communities. For example:

Hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding flow back to states and local communities each year based on census data. This money funds programs such as SNAP, Pell Grants, Head Start.

· Businesses make data-driven decisions that grow the economy

· Since the number of congressional seats each state is allowed is based on population, Minnesota is at risk of losing one of its 8 seats based on population shifts. Therefore everyone needs to be counted to lessen that possibility.

(Please note that citizen status will not be asked. The law allows all people living in a state to be counted on the census survey. The law also ensures that all census information is confidential and cannot be shared with any other governmental agencies.)

But WHY is the Census important to us as Catholics?

“Census data helps direct more than $800 billion annually to key programs designed to advance the common good, strengthen families and reduce poverty. The Catholic Church and other service providers rely on the national Census to provide an accurate count in order to effectively serve those in need.”

Bishop Frank Dewane

Chairman of the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development


n Educate yourself: www.2020census.gov

n Respond to the Survey in a timely fashion

n Encourage others to participate

n Consider working for the Census Bureau part-time. There is a great need for census workers between May and July. Competitive wages and flexible hours. Apply online at https://2020census.gov/en/jobs.html

Upcoming Dates

Loads of action!

Please check the CSW Flyer, which is attached.

Reminder: No school, Wednesday, Feb. 5th. Teachers are participating in Cultural Competency Trainings, which is both an important topic and a requirement for MN teaching licenses.