Human Trafficking

Human trafficking in Chicago & South Korea

Human trafficking

Human Trafficking violates article 4 which is freedom from slavery.Human trafficking is important to stop because many young woman and children are taken away from their families and have many of their rights taken away.There are about 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally these victims are mostly young women and children.These young woman and children are forced to do labor service against their will. This is big problem because traffickers use violence, threats, and debt bondage.

What is being done to prevent or reduce human trafficking?

Many of organizations have fund raisers, and raise awareness through social media, and they also have 24 hour hotlines where bystanders and victims can call from anywhere in the country.Polaris is one of the organization that helps the victims of human trafficking.Other organizations provide survivors in 5 different countries with safety,education,and economic opportunities.


Polaris is an organization who helps victims from human trafficking and also tries to help stop human trafficking they also help people be aware of human trafficking

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