The Hunting Ground


The purpose of the documentary "The Hunting Ground" was to inform viewers about sexual assault on college campuses and how police and administrators are not issuing enough consequences for the perpetrators by using statistics, interviews from the victims, and interviews from deans.


Some statistics used during the film were sixteen percent of women are sexually assaulted at college, 80 percent of women who get assaulted do not report it and 45 percent of colleges reported no sexual assault. These statistics were also stated with their sources. The statistics will persuade the viewer because they are facts not just opinions about the topic.

Interviews with the Victims

Interviews from the victims described what happened prior and after being sexually assaulted. Many of the victims stated they knew their perpetrator and most of them expresses their school deans and administrators told them it happens all the time and that the victims shouldn't do anything about the assault. Interviews from the victims could persuade the viewer because it shows them not just a few girls are sexually assaulted, there are a lot. It shows the viewers the emotional grief the victim goes through after being assaulted, while the victims tell their stories many of them begin to cry.

Interviews with the Deans

In the interviews with the deans many of them describe when a student states they have been sexually assaulted the administrators higher than the deans tell them to ignore it. The deans express the administrator want to keep sexual assaults hidden from the public because it could prevent future students from attending. The interviews with the deans shows not enough is being done about sexual assault because they are blatantly saying the did not take action since they were told not to do so.