Genius Hour

By: Maddie Feathers

What are the rewards of being a teacher?

The rewards of being a teacher is having good students. Teachers get have the summer off just like their students.Teachers get out for summer as a reward with the students. The teacher don't get paid in the summer. They get paid if they teach summer school.

Teachers get paid

Teachers don't get paid on vacation. They also don't get paid in the summer but they get paid if they teach summer school. The average salary for a teacher is 44,844. An elementary teacher gets paid $14.71. The middle school and high school get paid more but it depends on how long you have worked as a teacher.
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Degree's to Teach

Teachers have to have all kinds of degree's on what kind of teacher you want to be. If a teacher wants to teach public school they have to have a bachelor's degree. If you go to college for 4 years you will have your bachelor's degree. If you want your master's degree you have to go to college for 2 more years.

Teachers get appreciated

Teachers have appreciation week they get gifts from students. Students may give really good gifts to teachers some may not. Students could bring their teacher flowers or candy. Students need to appreciate their teachers more everyday. People give them gifts because the are being great teachers.

Conculsion and Citation

Teachers need to be rewarded more often then they normally are rewarded. Teachers work has hard as the students do. Teachers work hard to get were their are in the future.

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