Night of the Twisters

Author: IVY RUCKMAN By: Mia Modrcin


At 6:00 they were eating dinner and and mom was watching the weather channel and she said "40% chance of rain tonight." after dinner Dan and Arthur went walking around and Arthur dared Dan to enter the bike race. So he joined the bike race . After the bike race they suddenly heard the tornado sirens went off so they rushed to the house and mom went to the store and dad was home. they went to get Ryan upstairs and the tornado has started and the ceiling started to crack. Dan and Arthur grabbed a flashlight and went in the basement with Ryan. They went to the shower and ducked. Dan said it sounded like 100 freight trains. after the 1st twister the whole area was destroyed. Arthur, Dan , and Ryan went walking around looking for mom. They found her walking on the sidewalk. they hopped in the police car, suddenly right in front of them or behind them another twister landed and they rushed into the headquarters and slept there. Ronnie was being mean and Arthur and Dan would rather sleep at k mart. the tornado finally ended there house as destroyed . " Looks like we are going to have to be living at grandmas and grandpas for a while."

Probelm and solution.

One of the problems is they couldn't find mom and Ryan would not get out of bed. But they finally got Ryan out of the bed and rushed to the basement. Next the whole place was a disaster and they hopped in the police car and the tornado was right behind them.The solution was they finally got to Headquarters.

Some of the pictures

More of the information you might not know.


Some of the characters are: Dan, the main character, Ryan, Dan's baby brother, Arthur ,Dan"s friend Mom, Dan's mom, Ronnie Vae, neighbor before the tornado Dad, Dan's dad Mr. and Mrs. Smiley


The setting was were Dan's house, headquarters, police car, dads car, the street, the whole town mostly, and moms work.