Want to be a Vietcong solider

Drop your shovel and pick up your rifull

Information to know

  • If you want to be a part time solider or fight within your own land you will have to go throw basic infantry training. If you want to be part of a main force one mouth of training will be required.
  • Since we do not have to same kind of heavy fire power as the Americans soliders we will be fighting a guerrilla war something we have learn from our chines allies. Very few other we will fight a full out scale. The plan for fighting will be hit and run, ambushes and surprise attack . The only time we will fight a full battle is when we out number the Americans and that we are certain we can win. Remember we are willing to lose 10 men for every 1 american we can kill.
  • The most common weapons you will see is the chines version of the AK-47. Our chines allies will proved us with light machine guns, RPGS, motors and use any stollen weapons we have from the Japan's and French wars.
  • We are not willing to fight a large coastly battles and do not plant to be seen out in the open. You will hide in small tunnels and attack in small groups and hide in the jungle, You will have to Win the hearts of our people before the American, so you have a location for shelter and storing weapons and a places to be feed when moving. We plant to fight as long as it takes and not give up not matter how many men we lose.

Keep in mind

  • The American military has start a new program called winning hearts and minds. You have to be careful not to spill the beans when hiding in villages our in the cites.
  • napalm and agent orange and two commonly uses tool for clearing the juggle floor both lead to a painful death
  • You will have to endure rain, bugs and live of what ever food you can carry when on missions. medication is not very comman the most help you will get is from your teammates our what every pills and water are near you.

The people

The people help us.

The Americans are trying to turn our people agains uses. With out the support of the people we can not take shelter or find easy food. They will turn you in and find the people you work with