Reading With Tumblebooks

Engaging Students Through a Multimedia Presentation

Strengths of

Tumblebooks is a site that provides a variety of e-books that are designed for elementary schools and public libraries. With over 500 books you are sure to find something to appeal to every student. Each book comes with a quiz and lesson plan with common core standards to assist you in meeting the educational goals of your classroom. Students can read the book, listen to a narration or do a combination of both depending on their comfort level. After completion of a book there are built in quizzes to test for retention and comprehension of content.

Tumblebooks Stumbles

It would be beneficial to educators if there were some way to set up student profiles so you could assign books to be read at their own pace. Also with individual profiles you could save quiz results to be reviewed later by the instructor. It would beneficial if there was a more consistent method for highlighting words while the book is being narrated. Sometimes it highlights one word at a time, sometimes one sentence at a time and at other times highlights the whole page, this can change from one page to the next in the same book.

How I would use Tumblebooks in a classroom...

I would use it as a reward for students. If they finish a project early they could spend time reading a Tumblebook. I would be hesitant to integrate it deeper into the classroom because in order to more deeply integrate it into my class it lacks a way to track individual student performance without significant intervention on the part of the teacher.
Main Idea with TumbleBooks