The Harlem Renniassance

During the reconstruction period

What is the Harlem Renaissance????

The Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance is a literary movement in the 20's that centered in Harlem. It blossomed African-American culture. The goal of the movement was to reconceptualize African-Americans away from sterotypes. It was a huge Impact on the literacy. Harlem was not the only place where it was going on but it was a symbolic capital of the movement.

The Great Migration

The great migration was the relocation of about 6 millionafgrican Americans from the south.They went to the Mid-west, West, and up North. Most people went because of the segrative laws that were instituted in the south. Also, the lack of economic oppurtunities available in the south.

Racial Unrest

Racial Unrest is the tension between races for various reasons. During the Harlem Renaissance there was a lot of tension between African Americans and whites. White people did not like the idea of African American culture becoming so praised and African Americans having pride. Black people started to stand up and say that they were proud of who they were and they showed this through movements. For example, in Chicago a riot broke out when a group of white students stoned an African American child who was swimming in Lake Michigan. Because of this, the child drowned, which caused gangs of both races to riot against each other and cause chaos. The riot over the child killed 15 white and 23 African American people and left over 500 people injured.

The cotton club

The cotton club was a club that was segregated in the sense that the patrons that go to the club for pleasure are only white ,while all the services are provided by Afircan-Ameican. The club had to close it doors in 1936 due to race riots. Unable to pick up back to its own glory after relocating it offically closed in 1940.


Jazz Artist

Jazz in the 20's was very important in changes the youths culture. Also it changed there trends. Louis Armstrong is one of the most appreciated jazz artist of the Harlem Renaissance, and of all times.