A Night Divided

By: Jennifer A. Nielsen

This story is about courage

The Berlin Wall

After the Holocaust Germany was divided into two sides, the East and the West. The government doesn't want someone to rise up and become too independent. One night Gerta's father and youngest brother, Dominic go out to the West side to find a new home. While they are gone a wall was built,dividing the east and west and dividing her family in two. Her oldest brother Fritz and her make plans to tunnel under the wall but they can't be caught or there will be major consequences, they must keep it secret.
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Man vs. Society

IF you live in the East side of the wall you aren't allowed to talk about freedom or even look at the wall. If you get caught you'll get into a lot of trouble you might even get arrested. If you do think about escaping to the west then you're an outsider and no one wants to get in trouble so they stay away from outsiders.

pg. 15- ¨With one stacked block of concrete over another, our prison slowly became a fortress, and all we did was watch it happen. With each brick, my hopes faded till nothing was left.¨ ~Gerta

East Side of The Wall

The East side was boring and dull. Everything is ¨grey¨ and nothing exciting ever happens. You have little to no freedom so it's hard to have any fun.

¨There are plenty of obstacles in your path, don't allow yourself to become one of them.¨~Unknown

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Jennifer A Nielson

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