Report on McCrae & Cape Schanck

By Sophie Fairbridge and Issy Knightley


we visited McCrea beach and Cape Schanck on an exergin, at which we examined the two beaches and filled in a worksheet on the different regions this showed us the different things that can happen to a beach with the forces of nature.


indigenous and introduced vegetation of the two regions

mcCrae beach and Cape Schanck are full of introduced vegetation to the land. This vegetation is competing with many of the native plants in the regions which causes the indigenous plants to struggle to continue growing. one of the main causes of this problem are the strangling plants including ice plants which take over the the native plants and they die.


human uses of these two regions past and present

McCrae beach and foreshore are used for many activities that are for the enjoyment of people. It has been used in the past for years. We know this because of the lighthouse, which is situated on the foreshore. The original wooden lighthouse was built in 1854, and in 1883 it was replaced with the one that stands today. This metal lighthouse was put up after it was built in in England. Today it is not used but is behind a fence to protect it from vandalism. It is still there for the enjoyment of passes by and we can read about its history.

McCrae Foreshore has got a lot of recreational activities that people can take part in. there is walking and bike path for people and their dogs to enjoy. It takes them past the lighthouse and they can read about the history of McCrae. The yacht club is right on the beach and is full of boats that people take out and fish in or just have a boating trip. There is a camp sight right on the beach and many places for a picnic and barbequing. The water is safe to swim in as it is in the bay so it gets quite busy on hot summer days.

Cape Schanck has also got a lighthouse. It was built in 1859. There is a tour that people can take up to see it. There is a museum that visitors can go to and there are cottages that people can hire out and stay in. There are a lot of trails that people can walk on to see the views of Bass Straight. There are lookouts all along the trails. From the carpark there is a trail that leads to a long boardwalk down to the boulder beaches. It is very rough and rocky so swimming is a dangerous activity. But further along the coast there are beaches that are safe to swim at.

Sophie Fairbridge

management techniques used at both locations to protect the people and the land

People use McCrae in many ways including Tanning Swimming Fishing Walking Eating (BBQ) Exploring Socializing Nature watching. There are many facilities at McCrae including Boat House Yacht Club Lighthouse Beach boxes Bathrooms.

People use Cape Schank in many ways including Walking, Photography, wave watching Camping and rock hunting. There are many facilities at cape schank including Board Walks, a Lighthouse Cafes and Shops and Lookouts.

McCrae is a family friendly beach, also caters for a lager group of people and Cape Schank is more of a walking, taking photos or camping type of beach. McCrae is a lot saver to swim. Cape Shank is a better place to make art.


Hazards and their management at both locations.

McCrae Beach and foreshore is not a very hazardess place. There are no cliff that could fall, no slippery rocks or rock pools. There is a lot of trees that could potentially fall in a storm. However there aren’t any things to look out for on the foreshore and beach that could hurt someone or something.

On the other hand, at Cape Schanck there are many hazards. It is a very dangerous beach. There are cliffs and wave cut platforms, rock pools and the beach is a boulder beach. There are large waves that come and smash against the wave cut platform, which could knock someone off. The cliffs are quite rocky and could definitely break off and fall. The wave cut platforms are sharp and slippery. The boulder beach is slippery and very dangerous to swim at, as Bass Straight is an ocean not a bay. When visiting Cape Schanck one should know the potential dangers that lie a head. It is a beautiful but dangerous place to visit.

Sophie Fairbridge


Both Beaches and Foreshores we went to were very different from each other. McCrae was calm and peaceful, whereas Cape Schanck was busy and loud and full of danger. McCrae is not dangerous. It is a place for recreation, whereas Cape Schanck is a place for exploration. There are many walks and wonders that people can do there. Both are beautiful and have some similar characteristics but they basically completely opposite places, but this brings to attention the differences that all coastal areas have. They all are affected by different things that create different outcomes of coasts.

Sophie Fairbridge