Greek History

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How did pericles strengthen democracy

Pericles was a member of aristocratedfamily ported democracy. Around 460 B.C he became the leader of a democratic group. He introduced reforms that stregthend democracy. The most important change was to have the city pay the officials because of that citizens could afford to hold public service

Greek gods

Wherever Greeks live the built temples to the gods. Because the gods had human forms they also had many human characteristics. They also had awsome power. Mythology tells us that greek worshiped gods led by zeus the king of the gods. From Mt. Olympus greece highest mountain zeus ruled the gods and humanity


Dramas and comedies

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Today the Athenian leader pericles is probobly best known for making the athens a beatifull city. The acropolis the religious center of athens had been destroyed in 480 b.C. during one of his wars.

Greek history

I liked that i got to learn about gods and also about Zeus