Life of A Firefighter

Becoming a Firefighter

Becoming a Firefighter is not that hard. The main requirements is a High School Diploma and you need to be at least 18 years old. There are classes in College that help you get more experience and show you how to use a hose, and how to live the firefighting life style.

Firefighting School

Firefighting School is only 3 times a week usually Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. They practice on saving dummies trapped in places, and they practice on using the hose. They light things on fire like old buildings, abandoned buildings, and even sometimes grass, and they practice on putting those fires out.

Firefighter Ranks

Day in The Life of A Firefighter

Always Be Aware!

Firefighters have a schedule, and sometimes they don't even come home at night. They wake up, must take a shower, get gear on, and they sometimes have to wait until the alarm goes off. They go off in showers and they have to rush out and get there as fast as possible because sometimes it can depend on someone's life.