Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Cases

5 Quick Ways Will Boost Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life

The powerful processor, brilliant display, and a number of software features of Samsung Galaxy S6, might definitely fascinate you. But ultimately, the 2550 mAh battery on the phone might get down a little bit faster than various other phones. It does not mean that the phone is not efficient in terms of battery; it is very efficient but at the end of day, it is a gadget and it needs to get juiced up. So, the phone's battery life is, to some extent, within your control.

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The following handful of tips will help you to extend the battery life of your Galaxy S6:

1. Battery Packs

The battery packs or cases are very popular these days. These cases are quite efficient when it comes to charging the device. Hence, it is generally advisable to keep a portable Galaxy S6 battery case in your bag or pocket. If you use your phone to the maximum possible extent or keep streaming media, then these battery cases can be apt for your needs.

2. Check for Rogue Apps

People usually switch to other phones easily, if the battery life does not deliver the level of power, as they expected. But many a times, it has been seen that, it is not the issue with the phone; rather there exists some apps which consume more than their share of power. You can wait till the full charge ends and after that go to the battery settings and click on ‘Battery usage.’ You’ll get to know the app that consumes much of the power. Simply uninstall it.

3. Utilize Power Saving Mode

Ultra power saving and power saving mode can be easily found on the Samsung new generation phones. You may find this mode from the notification quick settings menu and battery settings. Once used, you might definitely use it regularly to save that last minute battery on your phone.

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4. Disable Apps That Are Pre-Installed

Disabling the pre-installed apps can significantly help to save a small amount of your battery. Whether you open such apps or not the pre-installed apps might be running in the background. You can re-enable the apps later, if you wish to use them in the future.

5. Brightness of the Screen

No doubt that the screen of Galaxy S6 is very beautiful and bright. But the more bright, a screen is, the more it will consume power. Hence, it is always recommended to keep the brightness as low as you can see it comfortably. Automatic brightness option is a great feature, as it sets the brightness according to the lightning conditions. But, it also drains much power.


No matter that your phone is new or old, latest version or old version; you can still extend the battery life of your phone easily by simple tricks and tips that may help you in future and help you to avoid wasting the phone’s battery.


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