Appreciation and Gratitude

Gratitude/ Appreciation

My definition of gratitude is showing others how much you mean to them, it can be done with compliments or gifts, or just simply ones presence. Showing appreciation is important because it shows one that you care about them. When appreciation is shown to others, they can feel like there doing to others and feel great that they are teaching someone there ways. Some big ways to show appreciation can be shown by gifts and parties, or the little things that they like to show that you really do pay attention to them.

Darius Goes West

I noticed appreciation in the documentary Darius Goes West when Darrius's friends toke there time to take Darius out on a road trip. There were moments when they helped him get off his wheel chair to bring him to the ocean water or get him into bed or in a car and many more things

My Aunt

My aunt does a lot for me, she's always there when I need her. I can always give her a call after work if I'm hungry and she'll provide me with food. I express my gratitude for her in many ways like inviting her out to eat, taking care of the kids, so she can have some time to herself to relax.

Final Thoughts

It is important to show one another how much you appreciate that person and let them know how important they are in your life. Showing someone that you care about them doesn't have to be in big actions, notice the little things one likes and it can have a deeper meaning of appreciation and gratitude.