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Take a Peek at Our Week of September 19 - 23

This Thursday we are cheering on students from St. Charles West in their Homecoming parade. We will walk through McNair park and line up along Droste Street. i will be sending home an extra "Field Trip Consent Form" for McNair Park for those who haven't returned theirs yet. You are more than welcome to join-let me know!

Here's what else we are doing this week:

Math: We have ended Unit 1 in Math which set us up with several multiplication and division strategies. Please help your child continue working on fact fluency 0-5s at home. Our goal is that everyone will be fluent on their facts (0-5s by the end of Trimester 1). We will have weekly fluency checks and will start graphing our progress.

We are switching gears in our next math unit. We will explore measurement (mass, volume and time). We will add and subtract measurements-up to 3 digit numbers. This week, we focus on telling time to the nearest minute and solving word problems involving time intervals within 1 hour by counting backward and forward using a number line and clock.

A unit outline will be sent home this week as well has the homework helper. This provides answers to the homework questions but please have your child try these problems independently first before referencing them.

Reading: We have set our weekly reading goal for this week. Talk about this goal and how tracking has been going for them. We look at figurative language and author's purpose this week.

Writing: Starting new pieces of writing with independence, we work on ways we can revise our writing including-balancing the kind of details and remembering commas and quotation marks. Students will receive their personal word walls to remember spelling those tricky words.

Science: This week we investigate how plants reproduce through pollination and fertilization. We continue to note our observations and recognize the life cycle stages of our very own lima bean plant.

Social Studies: We continue our map skills this week and will look at maps of Missouri, explore Missouri's 5 regions and learn what states border us!


We began to track our weekly goals! Here are the stats:

44% of our class met their personal reading goal.

33% of our class met their personal math goal.

56% of our class met their personal behavior goal.

We earned our first whole class "Brownie" point, by getting a compliment on our line in the hallway. We are working towards a classroom reward. We still need to decide what that will be! Stay tuned!

We changed classroom leadership roles-ask your child what their new role is!

Look below for a picture of last week's guest speaker: Mr. Schu! He was great!!

Save the Date!

9/19 - Girls on the Run (GOTR) practice; PTO meeting 6pm

9/20- Sign up for Girl Scouts 6pm

9/22- SCW Homecoming Parade 12:45pm - ALL SCHOOL FIELD TRIP! GOTR practice

9/23- Early Release Day-school ends at 12:05pm

Have a great week!

Erica Scott



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