Lil' Indians

Cambridge Elementary School

Volume VIII, Issue 1

Oct, 2018

In This Issue:

  • New 3D Printer in the Elementary Library
  • Mr. Flint's Class Reads Skeleton Man
  • Memory Boxes in Mr. Flint's Class
  • Kindergarten Apple Science
  • Battle of the Books Clubs 3rd-6th
  • 4th Grade History Walking Tour
  • 6th Grade Experiments with Inertia
  • 3rd Grade Studies Cells
  • Drama and Music 'N More Clubs
  • 4th Grade Visits Knickerbocker Cemetery
  • Fall Elementary Running Club
  • 3rd Grade Field Trip to Hildene
  • Mystery Science in Mrs. Kirk's Room
  • Mrs. Bell's Butterflies
  • It's Time to Join Band!
  • Kindergarten Visits Sunnyside Gardens
Big picture

Mystery Science in Mrs. Kirk's Room

By: Henry Dill

In Mrs. Kirk's class, we did a Mystery Science activity. Me (Henry), Kaden, and Cooper were in a group. On September 28 is when we did the experiment. We first watched a video about shield and cone volcanoes. The mystery was which type had which type of lava.Next we took straws and the lava. We blew bubbles in each of the types of lava (thin/thick). After, we wrote about which one was harder or easier to blow bubbles in. Then we tries to make a mountain out of the lavas with a spoon. Lastly we made our hypothesis about which lava came out of which volcano. We won't tell you the results but if you want to know, you can try it yourself!

Pictured: Cooper Ruggles, Kaden Bentley, and Henry Dill