MAY 20, 2021


We did it! This is the last week of the year! This year was different, it encouraged flexibility, and enhanced our ability to navigate change, but we did it! It takes a village, and Meadow has the absolute best community, children, and people. We are thankful for your support, encouragement, and openness to all of the adjustments as we navigated this far from normal year. Our faculty and staff did a phenomenal job ensuring safety, normalcy, and support to all children. Our staff is absolutely amazing and we are blessed to have such wonderful people dedicated to student success.

We would like to give a HUGE shout-out to our PTO! Thank you all for going above and beyond for our students and staff. You make our school a better place and are always looking for ways to help. Thank you for all the food, snacks, field trips, and joy you bring to our campus!

A few additional important pieces of information:

We have our awards ceremony on Wednesday the 26th. Please make sure to check for communication from your children's teachers.

Please make sure all library books are turned in tomorrow. We must have the books turned into the library or money paid. If a student does not return book(s) or pay for lost books, they will not participate in field day on Thursday the 27th.

Transfer applications are due by June 18th.

Pick up any medication from the nurse's office before the end of school.

¡Lo hicimos! ¡Esta es la última semana del año! Este año fue diferente, alentó la flexibilidad y mejoró nuestra capacidad para navegar por el cambio, ¡pero lo logramos! Se necesita un pueblo, y Meadow tiene la mejor comunidad, niños y gente. Estamos agradecidos por su apoyo, aliento y apertura a todos los ajustes mientras navegamos este año lejos de lo normal. Nuestra facultad y personal hicieron un trabajo fenomenal asegurando seguridad, normalidad y apoyo a todos los niños. Nuestro personal es absolutamente asombroso y tenemos la bendición de tener personas tan maravillosas dedicadas al éxito de los estudiantes.

¡Nos gustaría dar un GRAN agradecimiento a nuestro PTO! Gracias a todos por hacer todo lo posible por nuestros estudiantes y personal. Haces de nuestra escuela un lugar mejor y siempre estás buscando formas de ayudar. ¡Gracias por toda la comida, bocadillos, excursiones y alegría que traen a nuestro campus!

Algunos datos adicionales importantes:

Tenemos nuestra ceremonia de premiación el miércoles 26. Asegúrese de verificar la comunicación de los maestros de sus hijos.

Por favor asegúrese de que todos los libros de la biblioteca se entreguen mañana. Debemos devolver los libros a la biblioteca o pagar el dinero. Si un estudiante no devuelve el (los) libro (s) o paga por los libros perdidos, no participará en el día de campo el jueves 27.

Las solicitudes de transferencia deben presentarse antes del 18 de junio.

Recoja cualquier medicamento de la oficina de la enfermera antes de que termine la escuela.


  • Please continue to review all letter recognition and sound over the summer break.
  • Focus on number recognition up to #20.
  • Please have students continue to practice writing their name at home.
  • All Library books or fees are due by Friday May 21st.
  • Awards Ceremony will be on May 26 from 8:00-8:20AM.
  • Field day will be on May 27th.
  • Please check Classroom Dojo

Thank you to all the Pre-K parents for all your support throughout the year. I have enjoyed working with your children.

Enjoy your summer and be ready for Kindergarten next year. Don't be a stranger, please stop by my classroom just to say hi.

Mrs. A 😊


I can't believe the school year is coming to an end! It has been a year full of challenges, grace, and growth. This class has grown and matured so much, and I am beyond proud of all their hard work! I can't wait to see them soar next year!! Please keep in touch and read, read, read over the summer 🙂

  1. Graduation is Wednesday May 26th from 8:20 - 9. Please send caps and gown that morning and dress nicely.
  2. Field day is Thursday May 27th. Please wear a purple shirt and tennis shoes.
  3. I will be sending home supplies and our end of the year projects on Tuesday!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer!



· Practice -5’s for a test on Friday.

· Practice addition facts for daily opportunities to earn a brag tag.

· The last day to AR test and earn points will be Friday, May 21.

· ALL library books must be turned in or paid for by Tuesday, May 25.

· Make sure to send a water bottle every day.

**Mark your calendar now!! End of year awards will be on Wednesday, May 26th from 9:00 – 9:25. This will be a dress up affair so wear your Sunday best!! Parents are invited to attend


Just a few things to remember for this week....

-Second grade will test over -0 to -12 math facts this Friday.

-Our last sight word test will be Friday, May 21st.

-READ, READ, READ Thursday night and be ready to take AR tests on Friday!!!

-The last day to take AR tests is May 21st.

-The last Reading Log is due Friday morning.

-Please remember to send a water bottle with your child/children each and every day. With the warmer afternoons, students get very thirsty after playing outside!

-Thank you for all that you do and thank you for sharing your children with me this year!


LAR/Social Studies

  • We are wrapping up our instruction this week and celebrating what a great year we have had this next week.
  • Awards for 3rd grade will be Wednesday beginning at 9:50. Make sure your child dresses up!
  • Field day is on Thursday next week if they have not turned in their library books, they will not be able to participate.
  • I have enjoyed every one of your kids this year! Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

This year had gone by quickly. Inwhve enjoyed having each and every student in my math and science class this year. They have grown so much in math and science!

Just a reminder: 3rd grade awards are on Wednesday May 26th from 9:50 to 10:10. Please have your child dress nicely for this ceremony. I will be slowly sending things home starting tomorrow. Please make sure your child cleans thier backpacks out each day so they have room for the things we will be sending home.



  • On Tuesday, May 25th, 4th grade will have a water play day! No swimsuits, only shorts and t-shirts please. Please send a towel, a change of clothes and sunscreen so we don’t have any sunburns. PTO is providing water guns and ice cream for us.
  • Math has brought us some very challenging classroom escape problems. The students have been busy trying to put escaped puppies back into their crates…via math questions. I’ve had complaints of it being hard to which I respond that is why it is called a “CHALLENGE”! LOL
  • In Science we are studying life cycles. We are observing mealworms and how they go through complete metamorphosis.
  • ALL library books are due back Friday, May 21st. Please ask your child where their library books are and if they have turned them in. Thank you!
  • We still have plenty of work to do in order to prepare for next year so thank you for having your child here everyday. Let’s finish strong!


Mrs. Bell


  • We are continuing to work on our vocabulary building using Vocabu-Lit. If students master 10 new words each week their reading and writing will improve tremendously!
  • AR testing ends on Friday. All library books must be returned to school on Friday.
  • This week In Social Studies we are learning about Texas Oil. I am sending home the remaining newspapers so students can read and enjoy them over the summer!
  • Our end of year awards ceremony is next Wednesday from 10:10 – 10:30. Parents are welcome to attend, but please be aware that we will not be able to hang about for pictures as the next grade will be starting their awards at 10:30. You are welcome to sign your child out in the office afterwards!
  • As always… keep Reading, Reading, Reading! – It is crucial to your child’s success next year that they keep reading and growing vocabulary and working on comprehension over the summer.

Thank you for helping make this a great year despite all the challenges the year brought! I wish you all a fabulous summer of fun and thank you for sharing your precious child with me this year!

Mrs. McCormick


5th Grade

-Field trip to Joyland tomorrow! Please see the pink note or Class Dojo for information!

-Wednesday May 26 Dress nicely for awards ceremony. You are able to attend at 10:30 in the new Gym.

-Thursday LAST DAY of 5th Grade!!!!!!👏🏼 Field day from 8:30-11:30am. It is a full day, if you want to take your kids after field day you will need to talk to the office.

We have loved having your students this year!!! Thank you for all you have done.

Mrs. Tarr and Mrs. Gamez

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Here is the school supply list for the 2021-2022 school year!!
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If you do not pre-order a yearbook, you will be able to purchase when yearbooks arrive in the fall.

Thank You