Sebastian's daily reflections

January 5,2016

Today was a great day! Today I got to learn how to compose some fractions.Also today we

got a new student,her name is Anoreen, she's really nice and honest. Today I also learned about commas. Today was great!

January 11,2015

Today I did....................

Star Wars the force awakens fail :), Texas history intro. to revolution,Yellow star, science Energy Exploration,and more.

January 12 ,2016

Today we learned more about Texas history,it said: In the nineteenth century,Mexico lended Texas a cannon to use. Then when Mexico wanted it back,Texas said: NO! COME AND TAKE IT!

January 13 ,2016

Today I learned about different types of electricity.There was nuclear energy,mechanical energy, solar, wind,light,thermal,eletric

January 14 2016

What would make her proud of me is my math questions.

January 15 2016


The second nine weeks have ended. We went to the gym for the spirit assembly. Some of the designers,even the principal!, were in styles from the 80,s. Witch made no sense to me.

January 19 2016

Today was a Typical day at school. By that I mean original. Today we tried to solve a numberless math problem. But it turns out that everyone got it right. Today we learned that our teacher's cat has asthma.

January 21 2016. :-(


January 25 2015

Today was so-so but it was ok. The only thing that I didn't like was when Mrs.Williams got sick and had to leave school after sixth period (aka:lunch.)

January 26 2015

Today was pretty much like yesterday but we had a substitute teacher because Mrs.Williams was sick like I said yesterday. But what would make Mrs.Williams proud is about the video math problem. The question was 20 divided by 89, and the answer was 4R9. ¥ :D ¥

January 28 2016

Today was 50% better than the last two days,we did something called makey makey where we experimented with circuits.We also learned that these kind of crops that produce oil.

February 1 2016

Today was AWESOME! I got two books from the library. The books are called the adventures of tin tin volume 1(Tintin in America,Cigars of the pharaoh,and the blue Lotus) and volume 7( The Castafiore emerald,Flight 714 to Sydney, and Tintin and the Picaros). And in math(aka:8 period),something hilarious happened, someone said out loud in a singing voice: special chicken.

February 3 2016


In eight period:Math we made our own number talk. My group got the answer, but it was incorrect. We got as a result 29R1,755.

February 8 2016

Today we had a magic show. It was horrific at first because his text book caught on fire! I thought of pulling the fire alarm.But before I could start, he put out the fire. and the rest of the show was hilariously funny and good.Today I give this day five out of five stars.

February 9, 2016

Today was awesome!

February 10

Today was a great day. We finally done the cookie sale. Today was awesome!

February 11 2016

Today I finally got two books from the book fair there were the updated version of minecraft handbooks. I also learned that when Texas was a country, they struggled a lot.

February 14 2016

Today was >:( ! At seventh period (aka: lunch) when they called for extras. Scene there was no school on Monday and I am only allowed to get extras on Monday and Friday. I was going to get it on Tuesday witch is today.....THEY DIDINT LET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked if I could get salad instead. BUT MRS.SWEAT SAID NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 15 2016

Today learned that 1ton= 2,000 pounds, 1cm= 10mm, 1cup= 8 fluid ounces, and very much more.

February 16 2016

My favorite part of today was when I played race to the beach

February 17 2016

Today was great! We did an experiment with weight and the teacher kicked me for no reason. But I knew it was a accident.

March 4 2016

This week was awesome. But what I didn't like was when Jesse Van Luvan did something really bad. On the bus, Jesse was chewing gum, then he got the gum in his hand and threw it at a woman. Then a little boy started singing, but Jesse told him to shut up. And the next day he and his friend accused me of telling him to do it. Even though I was innocent.