Francisco Pizarro

Spanish Francisco Pizarro went on expeditions and one voyage

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Background Information with Country of Origin

Francisco Pizarro was born in the 1470's. No one knows for sure what year he was born in because some say he was born in 1471, 1475, or 1478. The men in his family, were more famous than the woman in the family. For example, his father served in the Italian military and his second cousin was a famous Spanish conquistador. Francisco was also more known to people than the woman in the family.

First Voyage

On February 13, 1503, Pizarro wanted to explore the New World or present day North America with 2,500 other colonists on a fleet of 30 ships. In other words, he sailed to HIspaniola with the largest fleet that had ever sailed to the New World. After 10 years or in 1513, Pizarro wanted to join Vasco Nunez de Balboa's expedition to the South Sea. From then on, Vasco Nunez sponsored Pizarro. Balboa was from the Spanish and wanted to help them. However, Balboa arrested and beheaded because found guilty of treason and for trying to take full control over the South Sea for himself.
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Interview with Mr.Pizarro

I have one questions for you, Mr. Pizarro.

Questions: What is one of your biggest accomplishments?

Answer: Well, one of my biggest accomplishments was defeating the Inca Empire. If you don't know, the Inca Empire was the strongest empire at the time until I conquered it. It was filled with gold, riches, and slaves to the brim.

Question: I am dying to know some of the reasons or a reason why you made this verdict So why did you want to overtake the Inca Empire?

Answer: Well, I heard this city was filled with gold and riches, and I wanted to be wealthy myself. Also I wanted to conquer the people in Peru the way my cousin, Hernando Cortes had conquered the Aztecs. Oh, also I have founded a Peru capital, Lima. I am not trying to brag or anything.

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Bad Luck

Pizarro started his first expedition on September 13.1524. He left Panama with about 80 men and 40 horses. When they sailed down to the Pacific Coast, bad weather, food shortages, and conflicts with the Native Americans forced Pizarro to reach no farther than Colombia and to return on Panama. This was a terrible beginning for his next expeditions, but everyone knows that you learn from your mistakes, so we all know Pizarro has learned a lot from all of his bad luck.

Pizarro's Point of View

Well, since I have went on many journeys, I will tell you about when I explored and the places I have visited. I have went on about three journeys, and I am planning to go on one more. However, I can't tell you everything because then you would be here for days, and no one wants that. I began my first exploration in 1503 and continued in 1524. That year wasn't so successful as I thought. So let's skip right over it. After two years, I decided to have a fresh start. I am planning to have my next expedition in 1530. But no one knows. I am planning it to be my last and so I will try to make it that one that everyone will remember. Hope me best luck that I come home to a happy and excited family safely.