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Tourist Information

People should visit Nicaragua because it is the largest country in Central America, also because it has plenty of oceanfront hotels and restaurants. And the decently cheap prices.

Tourists should see the many beaches and luxurious hotels ( that don't cost much). They should also see the lakes and volcanoes.

Economic information

Currency: Córdoba

Economic System: Capitalism

Political Information

Nicaragua has a republic, the leader is president Jose Daniel Ortega Saavedra.

Geographical Information

Nicaragua is located in Central America. It borders Hondoras and Costa Rica. It is in between the Caribbean sea, and the Pacific Ocean.

Nicaragua has lakes, mountains and, volcanoes.


Nicaragua was controlled by Spain.

Nicaragua gained its independence from Spain in September-15-1821

It is now independent.

Official Launguage: Spanish

Flag Description

The Nicaraguan flag has blue and white stripes with a pyramid in the middle.
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Background Info

Capital: Managua

Major Cities: León, Masaya, Tipitapa, Chinandega