Public Surveillance

Why Cameras are Necessary

Public surveillance cameras are used to monitor the activity happening in a certain location. They help:

  • Keep citizens safe by watching the activity of criminals

  • Prevent crimes happening from the same criminal

  • Identifies the face of a criminal so that particular individual can be traced

Results of Public Surveillance Cameras (in the UK)

Many positive outcomes have come out of surveillance cameras, especially in different CCTV sites in the UK.

  • 69% of burglaries dropped in Berwick

  • 57% of overall crime decreased in Northampton

  • Crime plummeted by 68% in Glasgow, Scotland

  • In Liverpool, shoplifting, prostitution, graffiti, and other nonviolent crimes have decreased by 25% over the last three years

Results of Public Surveillance Cameras (in the US)

Here are a few tables that display results of the installation of surveillance cameras in different cities throughout the US.

Security or Privacy?

Would you rather be safe with surveillance cameras, or have your privacy but be at risk of danger?