Apache Native American

by Deja, Akash, Ellis, Taylor, Aidan


In Social Studies our group has been researching the Apache Native Americans. We found lots of cool facts about the Apache people. We are so excited to share our information with you!


  • they varied greatly and pulled there hair back .
  • the men pierced the left ear with six to eight holes and the right ear with least one.
  • men and women parted their hair back in the middle.
  • girls love pulling there hair back.

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  • The Apache hunted their food they once hunted wild animals and didn't eat the bones.
  • They also ate plants such as berries and nuts.
  • The Apache also ate a type of bread called kernel-down bread.
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  • There is a ceremony for girls into women hood.
  • They had four day feast.

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Shelter and Location

  • The Apache lived in huts called tepees.
  • Many of the Apache live on reservation in Arizona ,New Mexico and Texas.
  • Their tepees were made from long poles stuck in the ground in a circle with buffalo hides sewn together and thrown over the poles.
  • A flap at the top allowed smoke from the center fire to escape.


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