Great Horned Owls

By: Addie Shannon


The great horned owl lives in forests,farmlands,swamps,and sometimes in cities and towns looking for tree cavities, abandoned nests or caves to hide in.


Great horned owl eat small to medium size mammals,amphibians,reptiles and birds. Rabbits and hares are statistically the great horned most prey to catch. Rodents,squirrels,mice,voles and lemmings are also devoured regularly. The great horned owl is a carnivore.


Just like any other the great horned owl has a rounded face and yellow eyes. They have a black beak and feathers on their head shaped like horns. The feathers are darker than all the other feathers.


The great horned owl can blend into the trees and that is the time to use it when the owl hunts at night.

Interesting Facts

The great horned owl can turn it's head all the way around.
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