Like A Machine!

Simple Machines And How They Relate To Work And Force!

Ramp! - Inclined Plane

I found an inclined plane at Lamar Middle School. This is a ramp that goes down one of the hallways. This simple machine reduces force on something that is sliding something up or down this or someone even walking on this tilted surface. An inclined plane is a flat surface tilted at an angle, which makes one end higher than the other. This helps people who push loads up and down this surface. Because of how the surface is angled, this helps force objects down this ramp, reducing force and increasing distance of the object rolling down.

Jacket! - Wedge

While at my friend's house, I saw that his jacket has a zipper on it, and I remembered that the zipper is an example of a wedge! A wedge is some kind of material that is thick at one end and tapers to a thin edge at the other end. Wedges are driven between two objects or parts of an object and helps secure and separate them. Wedges require less input force and can change the direction of force. Inside the zipper, there are little wedges that apply a strong force, allowing the little teeth on the jacket to come together.

Wheel On A Truck! - Wheel & Axle

I found a wheel and axle on a truck I found in a parking lot. I remembered learning that a wheel & axle is a simple machine that has a rope that unwinds from a wheel onto a cylindrical shaft joined to a wheel to provide a mechanical advantage. When you apply a force to turn the wheel, the axle rotates allowing an object to turn (which in this case, it is the wheel on the truck). This happens because the wheel is larger than the axle.

Crane! - Pulley

I found a crane that was working in a construction site. I remembered that a pulley is a simple machine that helps change the direction of force. The more pulley systems you have, the easier it is to lift a load. Also, the more pulley systems you have, the more rope/cord you need to lift the load.

Pictures Of The Simple Machines!

Jackson Mayfield - 15/16 Period - Mrs Stanke