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Should schools start later in the morning?

waking up

Having schools start later in the morning is a lot healthier than waking up at 6 in the morning.There has been some research that if you start school later in the morning you decrease the risk of falling asleep during class and start to learn more because your wide awake. Who wouldn't want to start school later in the morning not only its healthy but you learn more.


Having more sleep will help students bring their grades up, their bad behavior will start to decreasing, and they will concentrate more instead of thinking of sleeping when they get home or thinking what they will be eating for lunch because they did not have their breakfast . Here is and example of a little sister that observes her older sister in high school "

I have observed my sister in high school. She sleeps at about 3 o'clock and wakes up at 7'oclock that is only 4 hours of sleep. If her school started later and ended a little later she would be ready to learn and not ready to fall asleep in class."

People that say no

People who say no to not having schools start later, they are not noticing that it is unhealthy and their is not some of the teens that get an average of 7 hours of sleep, there was an experiment done by and Oxford professor

Yes schools should start later in the morning

In the morning students are stressed and in a rush in the morning to get to school on time. that way you have a nice yummy breakfast instead being in a rush and don't even enjoy your breakfast. here is some student response to this "

I am a high school student who has troubles staying awake through class in the morning because school starts so early. I think it would be healthier for the students because they will be getting more sleep and your mood is greatly affected by the amount of sleep you get."