Should Public Transport Be Free?

The Australian Government on March 24 unveiled a new transport plan for the public of Melbourne. They plan to introduce free travel in the Melbourne CBD, including the Docklands.


This, for tourism, is excellent. The roles of tram inspectors then will be focused on the surrounding suburbs, and city travel can be easier than ever before. Along with this, the extra costs of traveling between zone 1&2 will be cut, the sometimes exorbitant prices being cut for an easier affordability.

But at what cost?


Many people could see this as taking advantage of our already overstretched public transport services. The masses and demand for transport inner-city can realistically only cope with payment, which is currently mere dollars a day. In fact, we already have free transport inner-city, and any more than the service we have would be devastating.

Furthermore, bridging the gap between zone one and two would cut funding for the line. The service is already in dire need of renewal or at least service, and clearing the fee from travelling between would only leave zone two bare.

Is free public transport worthwhile? Our system is already competent, and what it needs presently is not more demand, but continued funding.

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