Life on the gold fields

By Nathan McGregor

Alluviall mining

Mining supplies

Miners needed to have a permit when mining. If caught without a permit you would be brutaly beaten. They ate mutton which is a hard meat that got stale and rotten. This is why it was inportant to make sure the mutton is not stale and rotten so you dont get sick. You can not get sick or forget something as the gold feilds where days away from near town. They also ate bread and damper. If you were sharft minning you would need a pick axe and a shovel. Sometines sharft mining can incolve dynamite and rock drills. If you were aluvial mining you would need a pan, a bucket and a cradle.
Alluvial mining involves panning gold in creeks. For alluvial mining you needed a pan to collect the gold from the creeks, a cradle as another way to collect gold and a bucket to keep your gold safe so no one steels or robs it. A shovel was also used sometimes in alluvial mining to get surface gold or collect gold in shallow water. Even a pick axe was used rarely to create holes in hard concrete surfaces. The gold found in creeks was usually in lumps and clumps.

Sharft mining

In shaft mining you must drill or dig a big hole and collect the gold out of the hole. You can also use a pick axe to mine in the hole until you can find the yellow metal. You can even use dynamite and throw it in the hole. Then when it blows up all the rock and stone around it you can go in and collect the gold.

Chinese on the goldfields

There was a lot of Chinese people came to the goldfields in the gold rush in the 1800's located in the southern part of NSW. It is believed that 7000 Chinese diggers were there. Then the Australian miners got jealous of the Chinese diggers because they worked harder and found more gold. So the Australian miners attacked them which was very racist.

Woman on the goldfields

More than 160,000 woman were among the 600,000 woman who arrived in Victoria in between 1851 and 1860. Those accompanying There husbands who felt they could live a better life in the gold fields.