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Friday, February 13, 2015

Falling in love with books!

The second week of February is closing and we had such an exciting week in the library! I am absolutely on fire about the passion and excitement the readers of CCES share. Each time I meet with the students they are invited to share with the group what they have been reading, they don't realize that I am nudging them to talk more about their books each week, they don't seem to realize that their ability to retell the book in an exciting way is increasing. It has been so much fun to watch the kids share their love of reading with each other and pass books around like a treasured gift.

We are preparing for the Scholastic Book Fair and will be open every day of PLP's. We will be open Tuesday from 4-8, Wednesday from 1-4 and Thursday from 8-8. Stop in and take a look around! There will be lots of great books to pick up for your child and an opportunity to buy for your classroom teacher.

Preschool- In preschool this week we read Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler. This book is a cumulative story that starts with Ol' Bear having a craving for some ugly pie. The only ugly thing he has is some dark molasses, so one by one Ol' Bear travels through the woods asking his friends for some ugly pie. At each home he is offered a piece of a different kind of pie and given the one ugly ingredient that person has. In the end Ol' Bear has everything he needs and makes himself an ugly pie which he shares with all his friends. Each page is filled with lyrical, sing-song verse and the kids helped me say UGLY PIE really loud and in a funny voice each time we got to that part.

Preschoolers are doing a great job of asking for the books they are interested in, finding a book, lining up quietly and using excellent manners as they check out and leave the room each week. It is such a pleasure to work with them and only wish I had them more than one time a week.

Kindergarten- Kindergarteners were so excited to use the computer lab on Monday during their library time. We first did our book check out and then we went to the lab to continue working on using the mouse, arrow keys and some keyboard work. The kindergarteners are gaining the skill of using the mouse with more and more confidence. We have far less arms trying to stretch all the way across the table! They love going to the website called abcya!, which you can access through the school website or directly by searching for the site.

First Grade- I was not here on Thursday when preschoolers come to the library. I missed them so much and was sad not to share the great book they read together.

The kids enjoyed the reading of The Napping House by Audrey Wood. This is one of my all time favorite books to enjoy. The story takes place on a cozy, rainy day and we see the outside of the house and are told that everyone inside the house is napping. On the bed we see grandma sleeping and then her grandson is sleeping on grandma, then the dog is sleeping on top of the dog, followed by a cat, a mouse and a flea. Then the flea bites the mouse which wakes the cat, who wakes the dog, the boy and the grandma. One really neat detail to this book is the changing of the light in each illustration. It is dark and subdued in the beginning and by the end the sun is shining and all the sleepers jump out of the bed one by one.

After the kids read the book they worked on a sequencing activity where they cut out pictures of the characters and glued them on a piece of paper in the order that they went on the bed and came back out.

Second Grade- This week the second grade groups and I had an amazing time talking about books and how it is possible to lose yourself in a great book. We talked about times that they have experienced this feeling and it was so fun to hear them talk about the books that hook them in enough that they forget the world around them.

We talked about these things because we were reading the book, The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore by William Joyce. In this amazing book we follow the life of Morris Lessmore who writes every day in the book of his life about his joys, his struggles and what his hopes. One day a flying book leads him to a library full of books and he spends the rest of his days among the fluttering pages of other people's stories while still writing in his. This books uses extraordinary illustrations to illuminate the experience of reading a really great book and how we get lost in the words and the stories. The children loved the book and Mr. Villhauer's class even had a friendly squirrel outside the window that enjoyed listening to it as well.

Third Grade- As I mentioned in last week's newsletter we are reading Flora and Ulysses together in third grade. Our hero squirrel is now proving to be quite extraordinary indeed. He can not only lift a vacuum cleaner over his head with one paw and understand Flora when she speaks to him, he can also type! He has shown his ability to type his thoughts using first a typewriter and later a computer! It has been very exciting to discover the newfound traits he has after his fateful accident with the vacuum cleaner from the first pages.

Third graders are working hard at picking just right books and many are working on finding Reading Counts books for their reading choices. If you are ever trying to help them search for a book at the library or book store you can easily search for the reading counts values here.

Fourth Grade- Sorry I don't have much to report here, we are continuing with our novel choices and the students are very involved and excited about the books we are reading together in class.

Thanks again for taking a minute to read about your child's week in library. As always, let me know if you have any questions or would like to volunteer in the library or help with the book fair.


Jenny Brenner

Teacher Librarian