Be safe, and stay away from drugs!

How Drugs Damage Your Body

There are many ways drugs can damage your body. If you try drugs and you enjoy them you have a chance of getting addicted. If someone gets you to start drugs the alcohol and cigarettes can have a tremendous effect on your body, and you can also have lung cancer or your brain might not process right, you can also have problems with your heart and how it processes. If you have started drugs please get help before you get addicted to drugs.

What to do if you are being bullied

Are you a bully or a friend? Stand up to the bully. Bullies bully about appearance and who you hang out with. Ask them to please stop , also ignore the bully and walk away. Be a friend not a bully, and stand up for yourself. Make sure to stay away from bullies. Tell an adult you are being bullied.Get help right away if you are being bullied.

What to do if you are addicted to drugs

If you are addicted to drugs you have a chance of dying or having terrible surgerys. Have someone encourage you to stay away from drugs. Try jogging in the park with someone that doesn't do drugs and you are close to. You can also try swimming with a friend that will help you not do drugs. If you are addicted i recommend getting help, and trying these activities.

Test on D.A.R.E decisions

1: one thing to do when your being bullied.

2: how do you stay away from drugs?

3: What are some ways drugs can damage your body?

4:how can not doing drugs be better for your future?

5: why do bullies bully


Damage: a loss or harm caused by injury to one's person or property.

Enjoy: you like or crave

Tremendous: causing dread, awe,or terror

Terrible:causing terror or awe

Encourage: to cause to feel courage spirit or hope

Addicted: one who is addicted or is attached to that thing