Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 29

April 11-15

Weekly Plan-Culture, Communication, Collaboration


This week I have done a lot of reflection about a phrase I heard a few NA teachers throwing around last week which is "we are Bettendorf's best kept secret". At first, I laughed because it seems secrets are impossible to keep in today's day and age, but then I started reflecting on how our culture at NA is really the best. The sheer amount of stress that the pressures of teaching in high accountability environments for student reading/math achievement, attendance, behavior, etc. takes a toll on all of us. Yet I know that on any given day that any single staff member here will step in and say "no worries", "of course", "I got you", etc. So I hope I haven't ruined the secret by putting it in my S'more, but I am excited every day to come to this school to do the work we MUST do to ensure that ALL our children in Bettendorf are prepared for their futures in spite of their circumstances or barriers that we see like their housing situation, their family income, their parents' education level, their clothing, their mental health, etc. Keep fighting the fight! #NArocks #bettpride #bettna

I included the motivational mouse video that Jenni Watkins shared. I hope you enjoy it and find your "muscles" to get through the next few months!

The pictures below are shared on Ms. Dvorak's third grade Facebook class page and Ms. Baids kindergarten Facebook page. It is awesome to see the kids actively involved in their science experiments in 3A and also the KB students enjoying our guest artist from last Friday! Our parents really have responded well to using class Facebook pages as well as our school NA Facebook page. If you are interested in starting one, talk to me, Adrianna, Jessica, or Erika!

A few reminders:

  • Monday April 11 is #lovemyschoolday and I invite ALL of you use our @NAAstros on Twitter or #bettna or if you are a Facebook person you can watch us all day that way or on Instagram at @NAAstros! The idea is simple; share why you love our school and what we are doing each and every day to help children learn!
  • Thank you again to all of the staff that attended the PTA Trivia Night! They raised over $3000 which is great news!
  • Erica Bean will be our new Secretary B next year to replace Mindy Arp who is retiring. We are excited to have her in the office and plan to have her train with Akin so we can use Akin, our therapy dog, in the office!
  • Thanks to all that met about the second preschool moving to NA. I think we came up with a plan that involves PS, BD, and LD and will keep you all posted! Team thinking to the rescue!

Monday April 11

7:45 Behavior Data Team

8:00 Academic IEP w/Ellen, Scott, Lisa, Ardie/Deb

8:50 2nd grade Math PLC w/Adrianna, Patty, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

10:00 Fire drill

10:50 4th grade Literacy PLC w/Debbie, Kate, Jodi, Lisa, Jodi, Jenni, Carrie

12:20 1st grade Literacy PLC w/Bonnie, Erica, Michele, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

1:20 Kindergarten Literacy PLC w/Jessica, Kathy, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

2:20 5th grade Literacy PLC w/Scott, Becca, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

3:30 Behavior IEP w/Amber, Patty, Lisa, Ardie/Deb

3:30 Staff meeting

6:30 NA PTA meeting

Tuesday April 12

8-4 1st grade district meeting all day for Bonnie and Kyrie

8:30 School-wide Morning Meeting

10:50 3rd grade Math PLC w/Becky, Erika, Jenni, Lisa, Carrie

10:45 Meeting at BMS for Lisa

2:00 Preschool PLC w/Brooke, Jenni, Carrie

6:00 NA Roller Skating party in Eldridge

Wednesday April 13

Spring Picture Day

8-4 Master Connect Training for Bonnie, Scott, Carrie

12:45 NA Core team meeting w/Barb, Lori, Danielle, Jennifer, Anne, Lisa

1-4 PBIS Coaches meeting at AEA for Danielle, Brooke, and Colleen

6:00 Elementary Facilities meeting at BMS

Thursday April 14

8-4 Master Connect Training for Bonnie, Scott, Carrie

9:00 Morning Meetings recording w/Colleen

1:45 Elementary Band Recruiting Concert for 3rd-5th at BHS

3:30 Cookies and Conversation w/Dr. Schutte

Friday April 15


No school for students. Professional Development day at BHS for all certified staff.

All day Professional Development workshop at Bettendorf High School

Mouse Trap Survivor Cheese Commercial
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